When I think about the feelings of the person who handles it first, I arrived here. A domestic quality epilator made by craftsmen with a focus on safety and security. It is the birth of a new sense of value that is different from conventional epilators. Please experience the one and only "NEQST".

"NEQST 6 commitments"

01 No need for gel ice pack forever

With conventional hair removal machines, using a gel ice pack takes a lot of time to apply the gel and wipe it off. Unlike general hair removal machines, NEQST has an excellent cooling maintenance function, so gels and ice packs are permanently unnecessary. (No running costs such as gel and linen costs are required.)


02 Ultra-high-speed hair removal for 30 minutes

Since NEQST does not use a gel ice pack, it is possible to shorten the time from the start-up to the completion of the treatment. Even in IPL hair removal, you can experience the speed of whole body hair removal in about 30 minutes, which has never been seen before.


03 Reliable effect with less pain

The light transmission is also very good. By making the irradiated part adhere to the skin, the light reaches the skin efficiently, realizing a safe and effective treatment. You can rest assured that you will receive a pain-free and comfortable treatment while cooling your skin. In addition, you can reduce the burden of discomfort when applying your gel.


04 Wide range of treatment effects

Because it uses our unique double filter technology, it is suitable not only for hair removal that does not hurt, but also for hair growth and sunburned skin. Compatible with all types of hair and skin. In addition, you can use it with confidence in areas with strong pain such as delicate zones and men's beards. Of course, we also support child hair removal.


05 Simple technology unification

In a general hair removal machine, if there is unevenness depending on how the gel is applied, the light transmittance will change and there is a risk that you will not be able to obtain a solid hair removal effect. NEQST can provide the same effect to customers because it is easy to unify the staff's technology because it does not apply a gel ice pack.


06 Maintenance support

When choosing equipment, we often hear that maintenance is important for salons. Therefore, we have set up sales offices in four bases nationwide in Tokyo, Fukui, Osaka, and Fukuoka so that we can respond to the requests of salons, and in the unlikely event of a breakdown, we will strive for prompt response and sincere customer service. We are here.


Special menu that can be done because it is a multifunction device

Bust treatment

Create an ideal figure with bust makeup

Decreases the osmotic pressure of fat cells and causes them to swell

By shining light on the coagulated tissue fluid and warming it, the tissue fluid is liquefied and the flow is improved. The pressure on the fat cells that had been pressed by the tissue fluid is reduced, and the fat cells tend to swell.

Strengthens the Cooper's ligament and makes it thicker and firmer

It activates nuclear cells (fibroblasts), proliferates collagen, and makes the Cooper's ligament tense and thick. Collagen can also be increased by activating fibroblasts. If the amount of collagen in the bust area increases, her elasticity and elasticity will be restored to the bust, and the bust will maintain its beautiful shape.

Improves blood and lymph flow and promotes metabolism

When blood vessels expand, blood flow improves, and blood and lymph flow become smooth, metabolism and basal metabolism increase. When blood flow is improved, the bust becomes more nutritious and the bust grows more easily.

Promotes the secretion of female hormones and stabilizes hormones

It stimulates the mammary glands, the pituitary gland acts on the ovaries, stimulates the secretion of female hormones, and increases fat cells.

Face treatment

It is possible to deal with various facial problems

Lift-up, sagging, small face

By irradiating the skin with effective light, it rejuvenates the entire skin. By increasing the production of collagen etc., you can feel her ting and tightening effect.

Skin firmness and fine lines

She activates the fibroblasts in the dermis layer, which is the foundation of the skin, and promotes the production of elastic fibers such as collagen and elastin, leading to youthful and firm skin.


Creates fluffy pores for skin that is less noticeable in the pores. In addition, the action of cooling beauty instantly tightens pores.

Red face

Light acts on the capillaries to prevent them from dilating.

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