Designed to stimulate a fundamental
causes of skin aging!

Facial equipment designed for deep penetration for maximum effect.

We strongly recommend receiving the treatment and
you'll be convinced of facial difference it provides!

We will visit you for a free business trip demonstration anywhere in the country (Only withing Japan).

I was just not satisfied with the facial treatments
I've experienced so far…

Revcella with its Facial Toning plasma technology was developed to respond to
facial demands from the customers.

There are many customers who visit esthetic salons (Facial spas) because of their comfort and relaxing effect, but they may not offer the results customer was expecting not to mention high treatment costs and time spent at the spas.

Revcella is a facial treatment equipment that uses new plasma technology to penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, enabling noticeable lifting effect for the customers and also giving estheticians an opportunity to increase their clients for facial treatments.

Revcella offers deep penetration that reaches the stratum corneum for maximum lift and reducing wrinkles.

Capable of deep penetration

With other facial equipment, it can't penetrate in sensetive areas of skin such as around the eyes like Revcella can.

The equipment is safe and reliable with no moving parts for wear and tear.

The Revcella was developed under long-term research and development, so you can trust thousands of customers who benefitted by the results.

Skin regeneration ability

A facial difference that you can see and feel. Revcella will will provide many satisfied customers who have seen and felt the difference.

Features of Revcella

  • Using plasma technology a fundamental approach to the causes of skin aging!
  • Immediately after the treatment, the effect can be seen and felt by the customers! And it will improve further as the number of treatment is increased.
  • Makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment!
  • Revcella can address customer's facial concerns!
  • Reasonable cost of equipment, short treatment time and high profitability!
  • Differentiating from other spas by offering the latest plasma technology!

Plasma energy stimulates the foundation of skin reproduction system. Resulting in natural younger looking skin.

Plasma energy discharges tiny lightning that can't be felt will result in stimulating skin's regenerative abilities and helps to open pores for various high quality serum to penetrate the skin for younger, fuller looking skin.


Three types of probe tips to meet every contours of the facial surface.

Probes are made of special stainless steel, it addresses concerns for those who are allergic to metal.

Revcella is recommended for:

Offering new technology to attract new clientele.

To increase customer repeat rate.

To add additional services for added profitability.

Differentiate from existing facial treatment to something far more effective.

I'm looking for a facial equipment that can offer an actual results!

Perfect popular after-sales support

  • 1 Plasma equipment tailored to every skin type for universal results.
  • 2 Development, design, assembly in-house Made in Japan quality
  • 3 Offering comprehensive warranty and maintenance.

Nationwide free trial acceptance


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